Extinction Draws Nigh
Police Decision Time is Rapidly Approaching

I know several police officers in various cities. All of the ones I know are good people with families. Much of the time they’re out keeping unstable and sometimes dangerous people from hurting other people or each other. They see a whole lot of—let’s just call it exotic behavior, and I know it affects them. 

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is not going away. Forcibly attacking us with paramilitarized police wearing riot gear and evicting us from City Hall Park in LA or Freedom Plaza(Zuccotti Park) in New York or any of the dozens of other occupy sites that have been raided in the last two weeks will not stop this movement. It is clear to anyone paying attention that these attacks are being coordinated by the federal government through the Department of Homeland Security. Never mind that it is illegal under The Posse Comitatus Act  to federalize municipal police, The Bush administration mostly wiped that out and now the Obama Administration is violating it directly. It is a crime and it is a betrayal.   

Police officers are being used as tools to maintain the status quo for the 1%, really for the .1%. We all know the arguments. Believe me, so do the individual police officers. Those that work for the police need to make a decision. It has become a moral imperative.

Which side are you on?

Are you on the side of Justice, Democracy and the OWS Movement or are you on the side of Corruption, Fascism and the Banks?

It really is that simple.

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